Available Antennae

The wireless module, antenna, and connection cable are in sets to obtain the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification. The use of uncertified antennae or connection cables is prohibited by the Radio Act.

TOCOS wireless engine offers a variety of antenna options.

The following shows a list of available antennae certified for TOCOS wireless engine:

  • GY111B099: Dipole antenna (2dBi, λ/2)
    Supplied with the Evaluation and Development Kit as standard
    *Referential drawing for mounting (This is only an example for your reference. Please be advised that you must consider differences, strength, or any other mechanical aspects at your own discretion. The plate thickness that allows the receiving resin parts to be mounted is 1mm.)
  • YJ-SL-006: Dipole antenna (2dBi, λ/2)
    May be used outdoors. The waterproof structure requires an O-ring separately.
  • TWE-AN-001A: Planar dipole antenna (1.26dBi, λ/2)
  • TWE-AN-002A: Planar dipole antenna (1.91dBi, λ/2)
  • TWE-AN-004A: Planar dipole antenna (2.32dBi, λ/2)
  • TWE-AN-005: Planar dipole antenna (3.01dBi, λ/2)
    May be used outdoors. The antenna may be attached on the metal enclosure for use.

Directional Antennae

TWE-001 + a directional antenna (up to 9dBi) have little difference from TWE-001 STRONG + a non-directional antenna in terms of EIRP (effective radiated power). Consider the combination of TWE-001 with a directional antenna in case of long distance transmission.

  • TWE-AN-006: Yagi-Uda antenna (8.26dBi, 6 elements, cable length of 3m)
    May be used outdoors. High-gain antenna
  • YJ-FP-012: Planar antenna (9dBi, linear polarized)
  • YJ-FP-018: Patch antenna (6dBi, circular polarized)

Directional Antenna Compatible with TWE-001 STRONG

TWE-AN-022: 13-element Yagi-Uda antenna with the gain of 12.32dBi (incl. cable loss)

Cable length: 5m
*This antenna must be used as the fixed station if used with TWE-001 STRONG.
*Use the antenna and cable in sets.

SMA-U.FL Conversion Cable

  • TWE-AC-001 (cable length: 80mm)
  • TWE-AC-002 (cable length: 140mm)

Embedded Substrate Antenna Evaluation Set

TWE-EK-AN-001 The pattern antenna embedded in the equipment might not well function in some enclosure designs. In such cases, you might have to consider mounting an external antenna although some designs might not permit any projection on the enclosure.

Consult us first if you are thinking about embedding the antenna in the enclosure.
  • If you want to embed the antenna in a small enclosure
  • If enclosure contains a number of metallic components
  • If enclosure is made of metal but cannot place any rod antenna


Model no. :

Each of the following antennae is packed together. Purchase two sets if you intend to make evaluations in a pair.

These antennae have been adjusted such that their performances are maximized when attached on the inner surface of ABS resin enclosure.

Other Certified Antennae

The wireless module, antenna, and connection cable are in sets to obtain the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification. The use of uncertified antennae or connection cables is prohibited by the Radio Act. The following shows a list of certified and available antennae. The use of other antennae needs to edit the certification document. This editing process is taken care of by TOCOS as a paid service. Please be advised that we do not deal in the listed antennae and you are asked to make an arrangement for them.

Note that the antennae available for TWE-001 STRONG are different (see below).

The use of an external antenna has the same concept of antenna arrangement and wireless performance as a pattern antenna. See the guideline.

Manufacturer Antenna Type Connector
Senton Dipole AP09-A00-0 RPSMA
Hwa Yao Dipole 2.4GHz 3dBi Dipole Antenna RPSMA
Well show tech Dipole WS-Z002-2420 SMA
Well show tech Dipole WS-Z009-0603 IPEX
antenova Titanis 2.4 GHz Swivel SMA 2010B4844-01 SMA
antenova Titanis 2.4 GHz Swivel SMA 2010B6090-01 RPSMA
NEARSON Dipole S131CL-6-PX-2450S IPEX
NEARSON Dipole T131AH-2.4/4.9/5.X-S RPSMA
NEARSON Dipole T145TR-2.4/4.9/5.X-S SMA
NEARSON Dipole T614FC-7-PX-2.4/4.9/5.X-S IPEX
DPAC Technologies Dipole ACH2-AT-DP004 IPEX
Antenna Technology Patch planar with wave director PA2409S SMA
Antenna Technology Single patch planar antenna PAT209S-24 SMA
PuLse Dipole W1027 SMA
PuLse Dipole W1010 SMA
PuLse Dipole W1030 SMA
PuLse Dipole W1037 SMA
PuLse Dipole W1038 SMA
PuLse Dipole W1043 SMA
PuLse Dipole W1045 SMA
PuLse Dipole W1034 SMA

*The use of some of these above for TWE-001 STRONG could result in the output that exceeds the limit stipulated by the Radio Act. Check with us on the available antennae.

Register Antenna on the List

Antennae that are not listed may be additionally registered on the list. The registration process requires the information on the gain [dBi], radiation pattern, outline drawing, or model of the antenna concerned. The necessary paperwork for certification is part of paid services we provide.

    The following shows a guide to the maximum gain of each module:
  • TWE-001: Max. 9dBi
  • TWE-001 STRONG: Max. 3dBi

Use outside Japan

The certification in Japan has the different concept of antennae from overseas certifications. Consult us in advance if you consider deploying your product overseas.