Guideline on the Use of Built-in Antenna

Pay attention to the following to use the pattern antenna configured on the substrate. Although the wireless performance of the antenna is degraded if placed in a case, this degradation could be reduced by reference to this guideline. Also, we offer the antennae suitable for being placed in the enclosure.

Make sure to conduct the wireless test using a simulated enclosure prior to development.

  • Place an antenna around which there is no metal object. In particular, there must not be any metal plate or grounding pattern around the antenna as these objects give a significant impact on it (for instance, "exposure of the direction of the radio emission direction with a case made of metal plates at the back side" represents the arrangement that is likely to totally impair the performance.
  • Keep the whole circumference of the pattern antenna (see (3) below) 10cm or more away from any metal object.
  • A non-metallic case is recommended.
    A case of mesh metal could deteriorate performance.
    A case with a single side made of metal could also deteriorate performance.
  • The use of an external antenna is recommended if you use a metal case.
  • Use resin bolts and nuts for the mounting holes close to the antenna.
  • Place the antenna vertically so the maximized performance is expected.
  • Keep the antenna away from other wireless antennae (e.g. wireless LAN).