Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag)

Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag) is a wireless tag with a built-in battery, which emits radio waves and can communicate for long distance. Sometimes, it is simply called Active Tag. Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag) can send not only the simple ID information (identification information) but also additional information by mounting sensors on the wireless tag. The signal rage of Active RFID Tag (Active ID Tag) is between tens of meters and hundreds of meters.

Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag) is mainly used for management of people and goods. Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag) can realize improved efficiency in work (management of goods and flow analysis) and security control (room entry/exit control and facilities control).

For example, a wireless tag attached to people or goods tells the location, temperature, humidity, impact and other appropriate conditions.

Example of using the Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag) (Location management)

Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag) can be applied to establish a location management system for identifying the location of people and goods. A wireless tag (IC tag) put to people and goods emits radio signals at a constant frequency and the radio wave intensity and round-trip time of radio waves are measured by the receivers installed on each area to detect the location of each wireless tag (IC tag).

By mounting sensors to the wireless tag (IC tag), you can identify the location and the condition of people and goods with the wireless tag(IC tag) at the same time. For example, you can identify temperature, humidity, illuminance, atmospheric pressure, vibration, impact, motion, etc.

  • Identifying the use status of a meeting room
  • Room entry/exit management
  • Identifying the condition of people in a nursing home or hospital
  • Management of fixtures
  • Management of inventory in a warehouse
  • Management of product conditions

Wireless specifications suitable for Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag)

Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag) needs to operate with a small battery for long hours.
Feature of IEEE802.15.4 is super low power consumption, realizing operation for a few years with a coin battery.

Active RFID Tag IEEE802.15.4 Wireless Module

We offer IEEE802.15.4 Wireless Module TOCOS Wireless Engine that is a key component of Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag) and that is a best solution for establishing Wireless Sensor Network. We help you in simplifying of communications function development and early market entry of your equipment related to Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag).

This is an implementation example of Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag). This size includes the battery and the antenna.

For other examples of use of TOCOS Wireless Engine, please see Usage. Please utilize it as the wireless communications method for Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag).

- Ultra-small ZigBee / IEEE802.15.4 Wireless Module (smaller than one 1-yen coin)

Evaluation and Development of Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag)

We offer Sensor Network Evaluation Kit for wireless monitoring of temperature and humidity applicable to Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag) and Wireless Sensor, which operates without batteries and supports Energy Harvesting Technology, as an evaluation and development tool.

Please review the possibility of Active RFID Tag (Active IC Tag) system development.

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