What are Wireless M2M Communications?

M2M (Machine to Machine) represents the communications between devices. It is a system where devices communicate with each other and operate without the interference by humans. The components of M2M devices include a sensor and actuator.

In the M2M communications, the basic operation is to control an actuator based on the information from sensors. Therefore, some kind of communications means is required to monitor the information from the sensors and control the actuators.

Wireless M2M Communications are the technology to enable wireless communications between sensors and actuators which are separate from each other. By making the M2M (between devices) communications wireless, the installation places can be chosen more freely, leading to the possibilities of new applications. There are various sensors that can be used in Wireless M2M Communications such as temperature, humidity, illuminance, vibration, power, strain, and others. Similarly, the actuators that can be used in Wireless M2M Communications widely vary from indication board to lighting to buzzer.

Standard for wireless M2M communication in the communication (M2M wireless)

One of the best systems to implement Wireless M2M Communications with sensors and actuators is the IEEE802.15.4 standard. This is an international standard established with the aim of constructing a wireless sensor network, and the specifications allow many devices to be connected with each other at low power consumption. By adopting the IEEE802.15.4, the devices can be configured in a way that is optimized to Wireless M2M Communications.

We are offering IEEE802.15.4 Wireless Module best suited to construct a wireless sensor network, and help you simplify the process to develop communications functions for your Wireless M2M Communications related devices and expedite the time to market.

As an example, the Sensor Network Evaluation Kit is available that can monitor temperature, humidity and power consumption wirelessly.

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