Arrangement of Receiving Substrate


This section shows an arrangement of the substrate to receive the module. The drawing assumes the substrate of which the left, right, and bottom sides are flush with the module outline.

The positions of the hole and connector are specified in the drawing. You need to pay particular attention to the positional relationship between the module and the hole to mount the module.

Hole to Fix Module

  • The appropriate size of the two holes for mounting the module is 2.6 to 3.0 in diameter.
  • We recommend that a through-hole (or tap parts to fix screws) to the grounding be used near the connector to use metal screws (to strengthen resistance against noise, etc.)
  • Arrangement free from wiring or grounding is recommended around the upper hole (to minimize the impact on a pattern antenna if used).

Hole to Mount Antenna

The upper hole 11.2mm in diameter is used to mount the GY111 antenna. The resin holder to fix this antenna must be placed into the hole, in which case the substrate thickness should be 0.8 to 1.0mm (the resin holder cannot be placed if the substrate is any thicker).