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Virgo is the software to wirelessly send serial data.

It provides the one-to-many (max. 96) wireless serial communication function equipped with the routing function.

It transparently transmits the serial signal from an external microcomputer, PIC or other devices to a destination microcomputer, PIC, etc.

It executes wireless UART communication between the Coordinator and Routers using the UART interface.

The maximum 10 Routers are connected to each Router. Equipped with the routing function, these Routers execute multi-hop (up to five) with other Routers.

It allows up to the total of 96 Routers to be connected to a Coordinator.


  • Communication from the Coordinator to a Router (downlink)
    - One-on-one destination-specified transmission where communication is executed for individual nodes
  • Communication from a Router to the Coordinator (uplinnk)
    - The destination of a Router shall be the Coordinator only. (No direct communication between Routers is available.)
  • Direct communication to the UART terminal of the module at 38,400 bps.
  • Settings for communication management by means of UART (serial).
  • In case of disconnection due to communication disturbance or other reasons, Routers automatically reset connection and attempt to recover it.


Combination of Virgo with 802.15.4 Networks

hybrid_Virgo_154 The combination of Virgo with simply configured 802.15.4 applications (e.g. Simple Tag) can construct the stable network with routers incorporated.

An advantage of this combination is that the wireless firmware with the incorporated routing network which is often complicated can be simply constructed using Virgo of which operation has already been checked while your application can be constructed using 802.15.4 API.

Although two wireless modules are required for a repeater, they can:
  • Avoid interference from other floors by setting up different channels for each floor shown in the figure; and
  • Avoid interference between 802.15.4 and Virgo by setting up different channels for Virgo and 802.15.4.
  • These advantages achieve more stable communication.