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Libra is the software to wirelessly send the on/off signal.

It provides the function to send the on/off information on a switch etc. of an End Device to the Coordinator via wireless communication.

It transmits the "on" and "off" values from an End Device to a Coordinator at 8-bit parallel using the digital IO interface. It can be used for simple remote controllers or for relaying the relay contact state.


  • 8-bit parallel communication from an End Device to a Coordinator.
  • Packets are wirelessly transmitted when the state of the digital IO (DIO 8 to 15) of an End Device changes.
  • Node combinations or channels can be set by using UART (serial).
  • Starts communication immediately after power activation as the system does not require pairing.

Examples of Use

To read the switch state.
  • Remote controller (on/off control)
  • On/off control of lighting
  • On/off control of buzzers


Software Manual
Execution binary files (with no sleep): Coordinator / End Device
Execution binary files (with sleep): Coordinator / End Device
Operation Check Manual
Reference Circuit Diagram (Example of turning on or off two LEDs and six relays of the Coordinator using eight switches on an End Device)