Wireless Solution BREAKTHROUGH!!


- Durable and Stable under severe circumstances
- Environmentally Friendly
- Fast Development

10mW version newly launched !!!
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In this day and age, wireless technology is essential to meet the growing market demands of the applications which require hundreds of sensors such as
- Monitoring: Sensor Monitoring Systems (Greenhouse etc.)
- Controlling: Telecommunication System (Home automation)
- Guidance: Parking System

However, it is a fact that many electronics and software engineers are coming across difficulties in managing the following:
- Signaling performance
- Software integration

TOCOS has full knowledge of such difficulties and newly launched "TOCOS Wireless Engine" to solve the current problems among engineers.

" TOCOS Wireless Engine "
( 32 bit MCU module with ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Capability )
  • Durable and stable under severe circumstances Longest Communication Range of 3,110m (TWE-001 STRONG)
  • Environmentally Friendly Lowest power consumption of Tx: 14.6mA, Rx: 17.2mA (TWE-001)
  • Fast Development Evaluation Kit (Less rehearsal time)
             Software Support Team

TOCOS_TWE_001_2 If you are interested in this solution,
please request an evaluation Kit to see how well it really works.

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